Free DITA conference: LearningDITA Live 2019

Dive deeper into DITA at the second LearningDITA Live event.

Do you have knowledge you want to share with the DITA community? Was your DITA project particularly successful (or not)? Do you have an interesting specialization or integration you want to share with the world?

Submit a proposal for one of our 40-minute sessions by October 15, 2018.

Registration opens soon, and you can sign up below for a notification when it’s available.

Wondering what you will learn at LearningDITA Live 2019? Check out recordings from last year’s event.

Cost: FREE
Dates: Week of February 25, 2019
Times: More information to come

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We are happy to announce that LearningDITA Live 2019 will also have a Chinese track, hosted by the Technical Communicators of China, and a German track, hosted by parson AG:

LearningDITA Live 2019首次亮相中国,带你一探中国结构化技术写作新颖观点和丰富实践之现状。详情请戳:

LearningDITA Live 2019 bietet erstmalig auch deutsche Präsentationen. Erfahren Sie u.a. mehr über Metadaten in DITA, DITA für agile Prozesse und wie Sie DITA ganz individuell an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen können.

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