Custom business rules for DITA projects

February 11, 2020
11:00 a.m.  -  12:00 p.m.


A step by step guide to getting started with Schematron and Schematron.

Quick Fixes:

Schematron and Schematron QuickFix (SQF) languages can be used to improve efficiency and quality when editing DITA documents. You can define actions that will add complex structure in your documents, or make modifications in multiple places, or actions that will convert a structure into another. These changes are made by keeping the document structure valid and conforming to your project specification, and will help the content writer add content more easily and without making mistakes.

Join us to see:

  • ¬†How to create business rules with Schematron
  • How Schematron rules are applied
  • How to apply specific Schematron rules on all DITA files
  • How to develop Schematron Quick Fixes to make it very easy to solve


Session Category :  advanced